Elena M. Comelli
Elena ComelliPhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutritional Sciences

Contact Info

T. (416) 978-6284
F. (416) 978-5882


FitzGerald Building, Room 308A
150 College Street
ON, M5S 3E2

Research Interests

Functional genomics on the gastrointestinal tract; probiotics. Relationship between diet, gut microbiota, and health. Linking gut microbiota, intestinal barrier, and the metabolic syndrome. How the establishment of the gut microbiota in early life may be linked to developing this condition in later life.


Pending the availability of funding


Research Synopsis:

My research program focuses on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating intestinal postnatal development. A particular focus is on the establishment of a mature mucous layer and on the role of the intestinal epithelium-gut microbiota crosstalk in this process. We are also evaluating the response of the intestinal ecosystem to probiotic bacteria.

Publications and Awards

Recent Publications

Comelli EM, Simmering R, Faure M, Donnicola D, Mansourian R, Rochat F, Corthesy-Theulaz I, Cherbut C. Multifaceted transcriptional regulation of the murine intestinal mucus layer by endogenous microbiota. Genomics. 91(1):70-7, 2008.

Wang Y, Holmes E, Comelli EM, Fotopoulos G, Dorta G, Tang H, Rantalainen MJ, Lindon JC, Corthesy-Theulaz I, Fay LB, Kochhar S, Nicholson JK. Topographical variation in metabolic signatures of human gastro-intestinal biopsies revealed by high-resolution magic-angle-spinning 1H-NMR spectroscopy. Journal of Proteome Research, Epub ahead of print 2007 Aug 21.

Comelli EM, Sutton-Smith M, Yan Q, Amado M, Panico M, Gilmartin T, Whisenant T, Lanigan CM, Head SR, Goldberg D, Morris HR, Dell A, Paulson JC. Activation of CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes leads to dramatic remodeling of N-linked glycans. J. Immunol. 177 (4): 2431-2440, 2006.

Comelli EM, Head SR, Gilmartin T, Whisenant T, Haslam SM, North SJ, Wong NK, Kudo T, Narimatsu H, Esko J, Drickamer K, Dell A, Paulson JC. A focused microarray approach to functional glycomics: transcriptional regulation of the glycome. Glycobiology 16 (2): 117-131, 2006.

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