Harvey AndersonPhD
Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Physiology

Contact Info

T. (416) 978-1832
F. (416) 978-5882


FitzGerald Building, Room 322
150 College Street
ON, M5S 3E2

Research Interests

Food intake regulation; carbohydrates, sweeteners, appetite and health; proteins, amino acids and food intake; dietary control of peptide hormone and neurotransmitter metabolism. Food composition, dietary status, and chronic disease.


Pending the availability of funding

Publications and Awards

Recent Publications

Anderson, G.H., Luhovyy, B.L., Panahi, S., Akhavan, T. Milk Proteins in the Regulation of Bodyweight, Satiety, Food Intake and Glycemia Clemens RA, Hernell O, Michaelsen KF (eds): Milk and Milk Products in Human Nutrition. Nestlé Nutr Inst Workshop Ser Pediatr Program,  Nestec Ltd., Vevey/S. Karger AG, Basel, 2011, Vol. 67, p. 147–159.

Akhavan, T, Luhovyy, BL, Brown, PH., Cho, CE. and GH Anderson. 2010. The Effect of Pre-meal Consumption of Whey Protein and its Hydrolysate on Food Intake and Post-Meal Glycemia and Insulin Responses in Young Adults.  Am J Clin Nutr;91: 966-975.

Akhavan, T, Luhovyy, BL, and GH Anderson. 2010. Effect of drinking compared with eating sugars or whey protein on short-term appetite and food intake. Int J Obes (Lond). 2010 Aug 24 [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20733582.

He M, Li E, Harris S, Huff M, Yau CY, Anderson GH. 2010. The Canadian Global Village Reality: A look at anthropometric surrogate cut-offs and metabolic abnormalities among East Asian, South-Asian and European descendants. Can Fam Physician; 56(5):174-82.

Anderson, GH, Cho, CE, Akhavan, T, Mollard, RB, Luhovyy, BL and  Finocchiaro, ET. 2010. The relationship between estimates of corn starch digestibility by the Englyst in vitro method and glycemic response, subjective appetite and short-term food intake in young men.  Am J Clin Nutr; 91: 932-939.

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