Khursheed Jeejeebhoy PhD
Professor Emeritus
Department of Nutritional Sciences

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T: (416) 864-5388
F: (416) 864-5882


Not accepting new students

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Bissonnette, D.J., Madapallimattam, A., Jeejeebhoy, K.N. Effect of hypocaloric feeding and refeeding on glycolysis, glycolytic intermediates in rats. J Nutr 128:1723-1730, 1998. MRC MT-12658.

Briet, Francoise, and Khursheed N. Jeejeebhoy. Effect of hypocaloric feeding and protein refeeding on muscle and mononuclear cell mitochondria in enterally fed rat. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. (in press).

Keith, Mary E., Kenneth H. Norwich, Khursheed N. Jeejeebhoy. The tissue distribution of tumor necrosis factor-alpha in rats: a compartmental model. Metabolism 49:1309-17, 2000.

Jeejeebhoy, K.N. Chromium and Parenteral Nutrition. J. Trace Elem Exp Med 12: 1999.

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