Ann Fox, M.H.Sc., PhD, R.D.
Senior Lecturer
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Director, Master of Public Health Program

Ph: 416.978.3617
Fax: .416.978.5882

Academic Interests

  • My academic interests lie in understanding the evolving field of community/public health nutrition practice in Canada and globally, and in the development of graduate students entering the field. My major role in the Department of Nutritional Sciences is to direct the Master of Health Science program in Community Nutrition and the Master of Science in Community Health Program in Public Health Nutrition. Both the MHSc and MScCH nutrition programs are professional degree programs and include field practica and course work in community nutrition. I coordinate both programs, teach and participate in practice-based research initiatives. As such, I do not supervise students in thesis-based graduate programs.                                       



  • My research uses critical social science perspectives and qualitative methods to explore professional practice. I also have experience in chronic disease prevention and management, particularly in the field of diabetes care. I am interested in planning and evaluating community health programs and health professional education initiatives. I am a graduate of the Education Scholars Program in the Faculty of Medicine, and a member of the Pan- Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice.

Recent Publications:                                                   


  • Fox, A. Evaluation of a pilot module on the arts and health in a graduate community nutrition program. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. (in press).

  • Fox, A, Chenhall, C, Traynor, M, Scythes C, and Bellman, J. (2008). Public health nutrition in Canada: a Situational assessment. Public Health Nutrition 11(8), 773-781.

  • Fox, A. (2007). Food for the senses: Implementing a pilot arts module in graduate community nutrition training, Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education, March.

  • Fox, A, Brien H, Munro H. (2006). Exploring the needs of front-line nurses providing home diabetes care. Can J Diabetes 30(2): 146-153.

  • Fox, A. (2005). Innocent beginnings, uncertain futures: Exploring the challenges of living with diabetic foot ulcers, Can J Diabetes 29(2): 105-110.





Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto
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