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Division of Endocrinology
The Hospital for Sick Children

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  • My research interests include the clinical and biochemical manifestations of insulin resistance and pancreatic beta cell function in the pediatric age group. Recent studies include: (i) risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome and pathophysiologic mechanisms related to the development of hypothalamic obesity in children treated for craniopharyngioma; (ii) early life risk factors for the development of obesity and diabetes in infants born to women with gestational diabetes; (iii) incidence and clinical presentation of type 2 diabetes in Canadian children (iv) risk for insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease in girls with Turner Syndrome;  (iv) role of ectopic fat deposition and metabolic consequences in obese children and adolescents.  I have a secondary interest in pediatric thyroid cancer and have studies evaluating  (i) longitudinal followup; (ii) quality of life; (iii) cell cycle markers in differentiates thyroid cancer; (iv) ultrasound sensitivity in detecting malignant thyroid nodules.

Recent Publications:                                                   


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Division of Endocrinology
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