Robert G. Josse M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Department of Medicine,
St. Michael' Hospital

Ph: 416.867.7455
Fax: 416.867.3696


  • Often with an emphasis in clinical nutrition, I have obtained peer review and non peer review grants (mostly Phase II and III pharmaceutically funded multicentre national and international studies) as Principal, Co-principal or Co-investigator. These studies have investigated the effects of various new drugs on diabetes control, hyperlipidemia and prevention and treatment of diabetes complications. I have been particularly interested in the nutritional management of diabetes with other colleagues in the Department (Jenkins, Wolever). We have promulgated the concept of the glycemic index of foods and the importance of meal frequency as therapeutic principles. We have promulgated the concept of the glycemic index of foods and the importance of meal frequencies as diabetic principles. Metabolic bone disease research, principally osteoporosis, revolves around phase II and III drug studies for the treatment of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases. Much of this work is multinational, multicentre investigations, but I also conduct other epidemiologic and clinical studies in disorders of calcium metabolism and metabolic bone disease.

Selected publications:

  • Lentle BC, Brown JP, Khan AA, Leslie WD, Levesque J, Lyons DJ, Siminoski K, Tarulli G, Josse RG, Hodsman AB.  Recognizing and Reporting Vertebral Fractures: Reducing the Risk of Future Osteoporotic Fractures.  Can Assoc Radio J 2007 Feb:312-321. 

  • Cranney A, Jamal SA, Tsang JF, Josse RG, Leslie WD.  Low bone mineral density and fracture burden in postmenopausal Canadian women. CMAJ 9/11/2007;177(6):575‑580; DOI: 10.1503/cmaj.070234; (AN 26595523).

  • Richards JB, Leslie WD, Joseph L, Siminoski K, Hanley DA, Adachi JD, Brown JP, Morin S, Papaioannou A, Josse RG,  Prior JC, Davison KS, Tenenhouse A, Goltzman D for the CaMos Study Group.  Changes to Osteoporosis Prevalence According to Method of Risk Assessment.  J Bone Miner Res 2007;22:228-234.  Published online on November 13, 2006; doi: 10.1359/JBMR.061109.

  • Richards JB, Papioannou A, Adachi JD, Joseph L, Whitson HE, Prior JC, Goltzman D, CaMos Research Group.  Effect of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors on the Risk of Fracture.  Arch Intern Med 2007 Jan 22;167(2):188-94.

  • Rao LG, Mackinnon ES, Josse RG, Murray TM, Strauss A, Rao A.  Lycopene Consumption Significantly Decreases Oxidative Stress and Bone Resorption Markers in Postmenopausal Women at Risk for Osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis Int 2007 Jan;18(1):109-115.

  • Richards JB, Leslie W, Joseph L, Siminoski K, Hanley D, Adachi JD, Brown J, Morin S, Papioannou A, Josse RG, Prior J, Davison KS, Tenenhouse A, Goltzman D.  Changes to osteoporosis prevalence according to method or risk assessment.  JBMR 2007 Feb;22(2):228-34.

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  • Hopman WM, Leroux C, Berger C, Joseph L, Barr SI, Prior JC, Harrison M, Poliquin S, Towheed T, Anastassiades T, Goltzman D, CaMos Research Group.  Changes in body mass index in Canadians over a five-year period: Results of a prospective, population-based study.  BMC Public Health 2007 Jul 9;7:150.

  • Fontaine-Bisson B, Wolever TMS, Chiasson J-L, Rabasa-Lhoret R, Maheux P, Josse RG, Leiter LA, Rodger NW, Ryan EA, Corey PN, El-Sohemy A.  Genetic polymorphisms of TNF-α modify the association between dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and fasting serum concentrations of HDL-C and Apo A-I in individuals with type 2 diabetes. Am J Clin Nutr Sep 2007;86:768 – 774.
  • Prior JC, Burdge DR, Maan E, Milner R, Hankins C,  Klein M, Walmsley S, Canadian Women’s HIV Study Group, CaMos Research Group.  Fragility fractures and bone mineral density in HIV positive women: A case control population-based study.  Osteoporosis Int 2007 Oct 18(10):1345-53. [Epub 2007 Jul 31].

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  • Siminoski K, Leslie WD, Frame H, Hodsman A, Josse RG, Khan A, Lentle BC, Levesque J, Lyons DJ, Tarulli G, Brown JP.  Recommendations for Bone Mineral Density Reporting in Canada:  A Shift to Absolute Fracture Risk Assessment.  J Clin Densitom 2007;10(2):120-123.

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  • Sawka AM, Ray J, Yi Q, Josse RG, Lonn E.  Randomized Clinical Trial of Homocysteine
    Level-Lowering Therapy and Fractures.  Arch Intern Med, Oct 2007;2136-2139.

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