Jonathon L. Maguire, MD, FRCPC
Assistant Professor
Departments of Pediatrics and Health Policy,
Management and Evaluation,

Ph: 905.542.2900
Fax: 905.542.1011

Primary Affiliations:

  • Departments of Pediatrics and Health Policy, Management and Evaluation.

  • Nutritional Sciences Scientist, Applied Health Research Centre of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute.

  • St. Michael's Hospital, Scientist in the Keenan Research Centre of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital.

Other Affiliations:

  • Staff Pediatrician, Department of Pediatrics, St. Michael's Hospital.


  • My research interests focus on clinical trials involving nutrition and development in young children as well as the creation of tools to facilitate evidence informed nutritional child health promotion in the primary care setting. This is being accomplished through the development of a large Canadian practice based primary care research network called TARGet Kids!

Selected Publications:                                                   


  • Maguire J.L., Kulik D., Laupacis A., Kuppermann N., Parkin P.C. Clinical prediction rules for children: A systematic review. JAMA. (Submitted).

  • Li K., Birken C.S., O'Connor D., Maguire J.L., Chisamore B., Lau E. , Parkin P.C. Measuring nutrition risk in preschool aged children in a primary care practice setting: is BMI enough? Archives of Pediatraics & Adolescent Medicine (Submitted).

  • Maguire J.L., Birken C.S., Jacobson S., Peer M., Taylor C., Khambalia A., Mekky M., Thorpe K., Parkin P.C. Office Based Intervention to Reduce Bottle Use in Toddlers: A TARGet Kids! Pragmatic Randomized Trial. Pediatrics 2010, 126(2).

  • Maguire J.L., Birken C.S., O'Connor D., Macarthur C., Thorpe K., Mamdani M., Parkin P.C. Prevalence and Predictors of Low Vitamin D in Urban Toddlers. Pediatrics and Child Health. 2010. (Accepted for publication).

  • Maguire J.L., Parkin P.C. Children with clinically important head injuries after head trauma: Is clinical decision making an art or a science? The Lancet 2009, 374(9963).

  • Maguire J.L., Boutis K., Laupacis A., Parkin P.C. Should this head injured child receive a head CT?: A systematic review of clinical prediction rules. Pediatrics. 2009, 123(7).

  • Maguire J.L., deVeber G. Parkin P.C., The association between iron deficiency anemia and stroke in young children. Pediatrics. 2007, 120(5):1-5.

  • Maguire J.L., Healey J., Garfield H., Parkin P.C. Does a Pediatric after-hours clinic use evidence based guidelines in the management of acute otitis media? Pediatrics & Child Health. 2003, 8(7):427-431.

  • Maguire J.L., Collins R.A. Effects of cobalt hexammine on folding and self-cleavage of the Neurospora VS ribozyme. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2001, 309(1):45-56.





Department of Pediatrics
St. Michael's Hospital
30 Bond Street
Toronto, ON
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