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Assured Funding Policy: Funding Terms and Stipend Levels

Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek external support if they wish to be admitted to this Department. Usually this means that applications to funding agencies must be filed about a year before planned entry into graduate programs.


Funding Terms

In general, provide that the student remains “in good standing”, full-time M.Sc. students will be funded for a maximum of two years with a possible extension of three months, and Ph.D. students will be funded for a maximum of four years with two possible extensions of six months, for those who require additional time to write up their research results.  Please note that it is the supervisory committee that makes a decision to recommend or not recommend an extension for graduate funding and that graduate funding cannot be continued beyond these set terms.

Students and their supervisor(s) will receive an email from the graduate administrator 3 months in advance of the 2 year mark for M.Sc. students, and 6 months in advance of the 4 year mark for Ph.D. students, alerting them that it is time to have a meeting with the supervisor committee if the student requires an extension of their funding to complete their degree.  At this meeting, the supervisory committee makes a decision to recommend or not recommend an extension for graduate funding as per funding extensions sated above.


Stipend Levels

September 2013: 

The minimum stipend level for MSc students will be $17,340 living allowance plus tuition and incidental fees, and the minimum stipend level for PhD students will be $19,380 living allowance plus tuition and incidental fees. 
Students receiving major, competitive, external awards (as defined by the Faculty) will receive a top-up of $4000.  Students who receive external award of greater value than the total stipend plus $4,000 will be ineligible for a futher top-up.


Fellowships Awarded by the University

Financial support is available to highly qualified graduate students, on the basis of academic excellence, from various sources at the University of Toronto. All complete applications for full-time studies received in the Department by February 1 are automatically considered for the following awards, for which there is a very small quota:

  • Connaught International Scholarship – Valued at $35,000 including tuition fee

  • Mary H. Beatty Fellowships – Awarded to outstanding new students with one major external awards (e.g., NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, etc.).

  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship – Awarded to International PhD students. The award is $40,000/annum.

Fellowships Awarded by Government Agencies

Financial support is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents from the following federal and provincial government programs. These awards are competitive and are based on academic standing and letters of recommendation. Application forms are available in early Fall preceding the year of admission.

  • Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship
    (NSERC)  –
    $17,300 (PGSM) and $21,000 (PGSD).

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) – $15,000,

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIRH)– $17,500 (CIHR M) and $21,000 (CIHR D).

  • CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Awarded to outstanding PhD students.  The award is $50,000 per year for three years.

Major Canadian Scholarships/Awards Deadlines.

Teaching Assistantships

Students accepted and registered in the Department are eligible to apply for a teaching assistantship. These are fee for service contracts and not student awards. Ten hours per week is the maximum number of hours a full-time student can work. Further details can be obtained by writing directly to the Chair of the Department, giving full particulars of your academic training and experience.

Further information on financial support, please visit the following website: Fees & Financial Aid



If you are interested in joining our graduate
program, please contact the Graduate Coordinator - Admissions & Awards or the Administrative Assistant for more information or simply follow the links
to "Admission" and "Program Requirements".

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Nutritional Sciences Graduate Students Association (NSGSA)

The NSGSA provides a means for graduate students to interact socially and academically with staff and other students. It also provides a student perspective in various departmental committees. The NSGSA serves to welcome new students and to support students within the programs.