Research Opportunities

NFS394Y/494Y Research Projects in Nutritional Sciences


This course is offered to the third/fourth year students who have a strong academic background with at least a B+ in the 2nd/3rd year and an interest in research. It provides an exciting, challenging, and educationally rewarding experience to qualified students. In essence, the student, with guidance from a staff member, plans, carries out, and writes a final report on an approved, limited research project. In this way, the individual student is provided with experience in all of the important aspects of research. The course gives the student a chance to experience the challenges, rewards and frustrations of life in research. Students interested in the research course are encouraged to become familiar with the research activities and interests of core academic and cross-appointed staff members. This information is available in the Department website. It is recommended that the student contact those individuals working in the areas of interest to discuss the staff members' availability for NFS 394Y/494Y supervision and possible research topics. Acceptance into the course requires 1. Prior consent of the supervising staff member. 2. Strong academic background (B+). 3. Courses taken in nutrition. 4. Departmental approval.

Information is available in the Guidelines for students package.

Note: This form is available in .pdf format.Adobe Acrobat


Application procedure:
1. Fill in the application form.

Note: This form is available in .pdf format.Adobe Acrobat


Deadline: September 4

Summer Student Research Program


The Department provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to become involved in research in basic, clinical or community health aspects of nutrition research. Examples:

  • Diet and cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and aging

  • Nutrition, cognitive function, brain development

  • Food intake regulation and feeding behavior

  • Pediatric nutrition, from the neonate to the teenager

  • Biochemical and physiological function of food components-fiber, fatty acids, antioxidants

  • Nutrition and poverty

  • Clinical nutrition

Stipends: From $ 4800 to $6000 for 12 to 16 weeks of research.
Requirements: Grades of B+ and above. Sources of financial support include the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, the University Undergraduate Research Opportunity Awards (UROP), and the research funds of faculty members.
Program advantage:

  • Experience the fun and challenge of research

  • Meet and work with graduate students

  • Get to know a professor

  • Good for future reference letters

Application procedure:

See below - NSERC application link and the UROP application link

Program Supervisor:

Dr. G. Harvey Anderson
Department of Nutritional Sciences
FitzGerald Building, Room 322,150 College Street
Toronto ON M5S 3E2 CANADA


Summer Student Research Program - NSERC & UROP Awards

There are two programs. Students should note that the NSERC student awards can only be with those faculty members holding NSERC awards. The UROP is open for supervision by all faculty members.

Natural Sciences & Engineering Undergraduate Research
Opportunity Awards (NSERC USRA)


Approximately three awards ($4500) will be available through the Department.

An investigator can supervise only one student and must be holding an active Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery Grant. Must top up award by a minimum of $1125 and the student must be in program for 16 weeks.

Nutritional Science Program Director: Professor G. Harvey Anderson

Eligible Supervisors: Professors Harvey Anderson, Richard Bazinet, Elena Comelli, Ahmed El-Sohemy, Carol Greenwood, Debbie O'Connor, Lillian Thompson.

For more details and application instructions:

USRA application information will be captured from the NSERC On-line System.
Therefore, all applications MUST be completed by students and their supervisors online ( Applications must then be printed and signed manually. Those prepared by any other means (e.g., handwritten or manually typewritten) will NOT be accepted.

Students are eligible after their second year and if they have graduated they must not be registered in a graduate program.


Completed application forms, along with your most current original transcript, must be submitted to the Department of Nutritional Sciences (Professor G. Harvey Anderson) by March 1 so that students can be ranked for submission by March 14.

Undergraduate Student Research Opportunity Program (UROP):

Approximately five awards ($2400) will be available through the Department.

  • An investigator may submit ONLY ONE student name, irrespective of cross-appointments. Must top up award by a minimum of $2400 and the student must be in program for 12 weeks.

  • The student may apply through ONLY ONE academic unit

  • The student must not have graduated. B+ average required.

Deadline: March 25

Application procedure:

1. Preferred Approach-find a supervisor on your own

  • Research areas of faculty are on the website

  • Complete application form with supervisor

2. Fill in the application form and we will try to find a supervisor. Students should complete the form using the link and attach the required information application form.

Other Undergraduate Opportunities

Other Undergraduate Opportunities

Below is a list of other opportunities available to students. For most of these programs, a USRA is a pre-requisite. Note that Research Services does not administer these programs.