Undergraduate Courses

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NFS284H - Basic Human Nutrition [36L]

An introductory course to provide the fundamentals of human nutrition, to enable students to understand and think critically about the complex interrelationships between food, nutrition, health and environment.

Recommended Preparation: BIO120H1, BIO130H1, CHM138H, CHM139H/CHM151Y/CHM135H, CHM136H

NFS301H - Nutrition Literacy: Sorting Science from Snake Oil [36L]

This course will help students learn how to recognize the strengths and limitations of various nutrition research methods, find reliable information on the Internet and develop systematic thinking skills to critically evaluate the quality of nutrition information in both the scientific literature and popular media.

Prerequisite: NFS284H

NFS302H - Nutrition, Athletics, Performance and Behaviour [36L]

This course will give an overview of the emerging and advancing role of chronic diet and supplements in athletics, performance, and behavior.

Prerequisite: NFS284H
Exclusion: KPE328H1

NFS382H - Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism Throughout the Life Cycle [36L]

Micronutrients are essential for health throughout the life cycle. This course examines the role of micronutrients during development and aging with some emphasis on disease prevention and pathogenesis. Students develop critical appraisal skills, an understanding of the principles of study design and learn to write in a scientific style.

Prerequisite: NFS284H

NFS386H - Food Chemistry [36L

Structure, composition and chemical and biochemical reactions in foods during postharvest/postmortem, processing, storage and utilisation. Implications for organoleptic properties, nutritional value, toxicity and human health.

Prerequisite: CHM135H/CHM136H/ CHM138H/CHM139H/CHM151Y
Recommended: NFS284H

NFS394Y - Research Course in Nutritional Science [144P]

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project.

Prerequisite: NFS284H, permission of department and project supervisor.

NFS400H - Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Human Nutrition [36L]

Physiological and biochemical features of nutrient needs. The roles of nutrients in the development and adaptability of the whole body, organs and cells. Interpretation of current research data.
This course will demonstrate the rationale, including health benefits, development, and marketing of functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Prerequisites: BCH210H, NFS284H, PSL302Y/(PSL300H, PSL301H)
Recommended preparation: CSB349H/PSL350H/BCH311H, (STA220H, STA221H), NFS386H

NFS484H - Advanced Nutrition [24L, 12T]

Physiological and biochemical features of nutrient needs. The roles of nutrients in the development and adaptability of the whole body, organs and cells. Interpretation of current research data.

Prerequisite: BCH210H, CSB349H/PSL350H/BCH311H, NFS284H, (PSL300H, PSL301H)/PSL302Y, STA220H, STA221H or equivalent course) or permission of the instructor.

NFS485H - Diet, Microbiome, & Health (formerly Nutritional Microbiology)[36L]

Provides an integrated approach to how prokaryotes modulate nutrient availability and how they interact with the host to impact human health from a molecular perspective.

Prerequisite: BCH210H, CSB349H/PSL350H/BCH311H/MGY311Y, NFS284H, (PSL300H, PSL301H)/ PSL302Y or permission of the instructor.  

NFS486H - Obesity: Metabolic and Clinical Aspects [36L]

Current issues relating diet to the prevention  or treatment of disease, with a focus on obesity, illustrated with reference to general pathophysiological and biochemical  principles and current literature.

Prerequisite: BCH210H,  NFS284H,  (PSL300H, PSL301H)/PSL302Y,      
Recommended: CSB349H/PSL350H/BCH311H, (STA220H, STA221H)

NFS487H - Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition[36L]

Scientific principles and experimental approaches in the development and regulation of functional foods and nutraceuticals. The impact of the human genome on nutrition research. Experimental approaches to investigating gene-diet interactions. Understanding how genetic variability affects nutrient response, and how dietary factors regulate gene expression.

Prerequisites: NFS 284H, CSB349H/PSL350H/BCH311H

NFS488H - Nutritional Toxicology [36L]

Occurrence, mechanism of action, safety and health implications of chemicals naturally present in or added to foods. Interactions of nutrients and toxicants and the effects on their metabolism and utilization. Food safety evaluation and regulatory control.

Prerequisite: BCH210H, NFS284H

NFS489H - Nutritional Neurosciences [36L]


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This course provides an integrated approach to how brain function regulates and in turn is regulated by nutrition from a biochemical perspective.

Prerequisite: BCH210H,  CSB349H/PSL350H/BCH311H, NFS284H, (PSL300H, PSL301H)/ PSL302Y

NFS490H - International and Community Nutrition [36L]

The impact of cultural, social, economic and environmental factors on food availability and selection. Comparative research approaches of different disciplines. Socially and culturally sensitive nutrition interventions.

Prerequisite: NFS284H
Recommended preparation: GGR107Y/POL103Y/SOC101Y

NFS494Y - Research Projects in Nutritional Sciences [144P]

Research experience under the supervision of a Departmental staff member. The course entails designing and carrying out a small research project and the preparation and presentation of both a research proposal and a final report. Note that the research project NFS494Y requires the prior consent of a staff member who will supervise the project and departmental approval before enrolment. The student is responsible for locating a supervisor and must consult with the course instructor before the beginning of the term.

Prerequisite: Permission of Department and Project Supervisor