Carol Greenwood PhD
Professor Emeritus
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Carol E. Greenwood


Medical Sciences Building, 5th Floor, Room 5253A
1 King's Circle College
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8


Not accepting new students

Professional Memberships

Cardiometabolic disease, nutritional pharmacology and nutrigenomics.

Research Interests

Role of diet in the retention of cognitive function with aging; impact of type 2 diabetes

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Fiocco AJ, Shatenstein B, Ferland G, Payette H, Morais J, Greenwood CE.  Sodium intake impacts cognitive function in older adults over 4 years depending on level of physical activity: The NuAge Study. Neurobiology of Aging (in press).

Gagnon C, Greenwood CE, Bherer L.  The acute effects of glucose ingestion on attentional control in healthy older adults. Psychopharmacology 211:337-346, 2010.

Fergenbaum, JH, Bruce, S, Spence, DJ, Lou, W, Hanley, AJG, Greenwood, CE, Young, KT. Window to the brain: Can retinopathy be used to assess cognitive function. Brain Injury 24:1448-1454, 2010.

Chui MH, Greenwood CE. Antioxidant vitamins reduce meal-induced memory deficits in adults with type 2 diabetes. Nutr Res. 28(7):423-9, 2008.


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