Department of Nutritional Sciences - University of Toronto


Portfolio Diet Lowers Many Risk Factors for Heart Disease
Jul 27 / 2018

Child Health Protection Act Just the Start of Healthier Food Environments for Kids

Professor Mary L'Abbé authored a column for the Toronto Star on Bill S-228, new federal legislation that will limit food and beverage marketing to Canadian children under the age of 13.  Read Prof. L'Abbé's piece here .
Jul 16 / 2018

Women with Food Insecurity Less Likely to Breastfeed: U of T Study

Professor Valerie Tarasuk Researchers from the University of Toronto have shown that women who struggle to afford food are less able to sustain breastfeeding than those who are food-secure — even though women in both groups start the practice at about the same rate.
Mar 19 / 2018

Global Survey Finds High Levels of Salt in Canadian Bread

Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair Mary L'Abbe, by Margaret Mulligan
Mar 15 / 2018