Who We Are

Joanne Brathwaite

DNSAA Role: Executive Member

DNS degree: M.Sc. 2011

Joanne's story: Joanne has served on the board since 2012 and is President for 2016. In addition to volunteering with the DNS Alumni Association, Joanne enjoys taking culinary classes and teaching tricks to her two rescued chinchillas. Since graduating from UofT, Joanne has worked as an inspector with the Government of Canada enforcing regulations that promote the safety and standards of food and consumer products in Canada.

UofT Memory: Eating second breakfast at the Arbor Room between Physics and Organic Chemistry lectures. 


(Tina) Ying Ti Lee

DNSAA Role: Nutritional Sciences Student Association Co-President

DNS degree: B.Sc (in progress)

Tina's Story: Tina is a fourth year undergraduate at University of Toronto as a nutritional sciences and pharmacology student, with an additional minor in psychology. In addition to her role at NSSA, she is also a volunteer at SickKids and a research assistant in the department. After graduation, Tina hopes to go into healthcare professional school. When she’s not busy with school and work, Tina tries to spread her time among cooking, baking, exercising, and having fun with friends. 



Stephanie Nishi

DNSAA Role: NSGSA representative

DNS degree: MSc 2014, PhD (in progress)

Stephanie's story: Stephanie is a registered dietitian and is currently working towards earning a PhD degree with the Department of Nutritional Sciences.  After completing the Combined Internship-Masters program with the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital Stephanie has continued to pursue merging her interests in research, dietetics, and knowledge dissemination as a clinical research dietitian and through volunteering and teaching.

UofT Memory: Meeting people from various walks of life via the preparation and sharing of a meal together with the Hart House Social Justice Committee Community Kitchens (though UofT memories are still being made!).






Effie Viguiliouk 

DNSAA Role: Executive Member

DNS degree: M.Sc. 2015

Effie's story: Effie first joined the Department of Nutritional Sciences in 2012 as an undergraduate research student. She successfully completed her MSc with Drs. David Jenkins and John Sievenpiper and is currently working at St. Michael’s Hospital as a Research Coordinator and Assistant. Her main interests lie in gaining new knowledge and skills in the conduct of epidemiological studies and clinical trials and in her spare time she enjoys traveling, music, and hiking. 

UofT Memory: Grabbing lunch at Sammy’s and late night study sessions in the stacks at Robarts. 






Ashleigh Wiggins

DNSAA Role: President, Webmaster

DNS degree: M.Sc. 2013

Ashleigh's story: Ashleigh has served on the board since 2014 and manages the alumni website, as well as assisting with a variety of alumni association activities. In addition to volunteering with the DNS Alumni Association, Ashleigh loves playing a variety of sports, listening to podcasts and playing her ukulele. Since graduating from UofT, Ashleigh has worked as the manager of the Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs and as a Science Program Associate for the International Life Science Institute. 

UofT Memory: Grabbing post-Thursday seminar snacks with the amazing UofT Nutrition gang.




Maria Xu

DNSAA Role: Secretary
DNS Degree: HBSc 2014

Maria's Story: Maria has been Secretary of the DNSAA for the past two years. She completed her HBSc in Nutritional Science and Human Biology at the University of Toronto in 2014.  Maria continued her interest in nutrition through the accredited dietetics program at Ryerson University completing her BASc with Distinction in 2016. She is currently in the PMDip Dietetics program and is a Dietetic Intern at NYGH. When not thinking about nutrition at a clinical level, Maria enjoys cooking, painting and catching up with friends.

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