Effect of Supplemental Donor Human Milk Compared With Preterm Formula on Neurodevelopment of Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants at 18 MonthsA Randomized Clinical Trial

Nov 8, 2016


Deborah L. O’Connor, PhD, RD1,2; Sharyn Gibbins, PhD, RN3; Alex Kiss, PhD4,5; Nicole Bando, MSc1; Joan Brennan-Donnan, MSc, RD1,2,6; Eugene Ng, MD7,8; Douglas M. Campbell, MD, MSc8,9,10; Simone Vaz, MD11; Christoph Fusch, MD, PhD12; Elizabeth Asztalos, MD, MSc7,8; Paige Church, MD7,8; Edmond Kelly, MD8,13; Linh Ly, MD8,10; Alan Daneman, MD14,15; Sharon Unger, MD8,10,13; for the GTA DoMINO Feeding Group

Source: The JAMA Network

Question:  Does use of nutrient-enriched donor milk compared with preterm formula, as a supplement to mother’s milk during hospitalization, improve cognitive development of very low-birth-weight infants at 18 months’ corrected age?

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