Donor Impact

THANK YOU to all of our donors. We are truly grateful for your contribution.

Featured below are active awards that have been established though philanthropic support from individuals, foundations, organizations and corporations to support education and research.

Graduate Awards/Scholarships/Fellowships

Banting & Best Diabetes Center – Tamarack Graduate Award in Diabetes Research

Barbara McLaren Award

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship

Dr. Lillian Thompson Seminar Award

Edith Cosens Endowment Fund

Grace Weymark Morgan Award

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - Research Fellowship

Heather Milne Neilson Award

Household Sciences and Nutritional Sciences Alumni Association Travel Award

Mary H. Beatty Fellowship

Michael Archer Award

Kidney Foundation Allied Health Scholarship

McNeil Nutrition Fellowship – American Society for Nutrition

OTSS-Nora Martin Fellowship in Nutritional Sciences

Sharon Zeiler Nutrition Award