Who We Are

Our Leadership

Dr. G. Harvey Anderson

Dr. G. Harvey Anderson
Director, Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. G. Harvey Anderson is professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. He is also executive director of the University of Toronto Centre for Child Nutrition & Health. He has served as associate dean at the School of Graduate Studies, dean and associate dean of research in the Faculty of Medicine, chair for the Department of Nutritional Sciences, and as an elected member of the Governing Council. He is an advocate for university, industry, and government partnerships that lead to food and nutrition solutions. He is an internationally acclaimed expert in the role of proteins and carbohydrates in nutritional support and in the regulation of metabolism and feeding behaviour in children and adults

Dr. Mary L'Abbe

Dr. Mary R. L'Abbé
Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Mary R. L'Abbé  is Department of Nutritional Sciences professor. She has research expertise aimed at improving nutrition communication to consumers, a nutritional policy as it relates to population health, chronic disease prevention, and the nutritional quality of the Canadian food supply. Her vast experience in government leadership and regulatory affairs, in the area of assessing population health impacts of food and nutrition policies and preparing national or international recommendations and guidelines, is critical to the PFSNRA's success.


The strength of the NSERC-PFSNRA relies on its great partnerships with other organizations as well as universities across North America.

Other Organizations:

The NSERC-PFSNRA has many current and previous partnerships with various organizations including:


The NSERC-PFSNRA is sustained through kind donations from organizations and companies committed to our mission, goals and objectives. Other support comes from the University of Toronto, Department of Nutritional Sciences. 

The NSERC-PFSNRA currently has 15 active donors including:

  • Abbott Laboratories Ltd
  • Canada Bread Company, Ltd
  • Canadian Sugar Institute
  • Cargill, Inc
  • Coca-Cola Ltd
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • Danone Inc
  • Dare Foods Ltd
  • General Mills Canada Corporation
  • Ingredion Canada Incorporated
  • RB Nutrition (Canada)
  • Nestlé Canada Inc
  • PepsiCo Canada ULC
  • Pulse Canada
  • Unilever Canada