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Welcome to DNS Alumni Connect - our digital platform to keep DNS alumni up to date on emerging nutrition topics, the newest DNS research, and DNS activities and events.

DNS Alumni Connect Podcast

This is an exciting new platform hosted by the DNSAA, which features podcasts on a wide range of topics.

Episode 8: Dr. Stephanie Nishi — Part 2
Learn about Dr. Nishi’s post-doctoral work in Spain and the PREDIMED study. Listen on 
AnchorSpotifyApple or Google.

Episode 7: Dr. Stephanie Nishi — Part 1
Dr. Nishi discusses her graduate work on tree nuts and their health effects.  Listen on 
AnchorSpotifyApple or Google.

Episode 6: Graduate Student Spotlight 
Graduate student and podcast host Rodney Au-Yeung shares some of his research on dietary sugars and heart disease. Listen on AnchorSpotifyApple or Google.

Episode 5 - "Canada's New Food Guide - A Brief Discussion" featuring Rodney Au-Yeung and Matineh Rastegar Panah, PhD students in the Department of Nutritional Sciences. Listen to it on SpotifyApple or Google.

Episode 4 - "An Interview with Dean David Allison - 2019 Edna Park Lecturer" featuring Dr. David Allison, Dean and Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Health at Indiana University Bloomington. Listen to it on SpotifyApple or Google.

Episode 3 - "A Journey in Research and Academia" featuring Dr. David Ma professor at the University of Guelph's Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences. Listen to it on SpotifyApple or Google.

Episode 2 - “The DNS Strategic Plan" featuring Department of Nutritional Sciences Chair Dr. Deborah O'Connor discusses the Department's 2021-2026 strategic plan. Listen to it on SpotifyApple or Google

Episode 1 - “Welcome to Alumni Connect", featuring Laura Pasut (BSc ’82, MSc ’84), President of the Department of Nutritional Sciences Alumni Association. Listen to it on SpotifyApple or Google.


The new issue of Nutrizine, the official graduate-student-led magazine of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, is here. The theme of this issue is “The Future and Food Security”, where writers reflect on global, national, and local trends. This issue also showcases events and updates from the department. 

Fall 2021 (Trends in Nutrition): https://nutrizine2021s.wordpress.com

Winter 2021 (Wellness): https://nutrizine2021w.wordpress.com

Summer 2020 (Change and Transition) : https://uoftnutrizine2020s.wordpress.com/

Winter 2020 (Going Global): https://uoftnutrizine2020w.wordpress.com/

Video Lectures and Sessions

Learn about sustainable, healthy eating and its implementation on campus by viewing the Healthy Eating in a Sustainable Way webinar. The virtual event was organized by the DNS undergraduate student association.

Faculty Lectures:

Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention: A Global Perspective

Watch as Assistant Professor Dr. Vasanti Malik presents her research evaluating dietary and lifestyle risk factors for obesity and cardiometabolic diseases using epidemiological approaches. 

Fat. What's hormones got to do with it? 

Watch as DNS Assistant Professor Dr. Jacqueline Beaudry presents her research on hormones and adiposity.

Edna W. Park Lectures:

The DNSAA has posted videos from past Edna Park Lectures for those who may have missed the original broadcasts or wish to view them again YouTube.

2020 Career Night:

The DNSAA hosted a career night panel in February 2020, featuring DNS alumni Ed Morassutti (Nestle) and JoAnne Arcand (Ontario Tech University). Watch the presentations and discussions on YouTube.

DNS and UofT Activities

Try some tasty sustainable recipes

Make your lifestyle more sustainable this summer and try some excellent sustainable recipes shared by chef and current DNS graduate student Amy Symington. For more recipes, check out Amy's cookbook, The Long Table Cookbook: Plant-Based Recipes for Optimal Health.

Introducing the new DNSAA President and Vice President

The DNSAA is thrilled to welcome several new executive committee members, including President Fiona Wallace and Vice-President Mavra Ahmed. Learn more about them, and the rest of the DNSAA, on the DNSAA webpage.

Career Night Series

The DNSAA launched a virtual career night series for undergraduate and graduate students in 2021. The series kicked off in November with two alumni who are registered dietitians, followed by a session in January featuring two alumni who have pursued careers in provincial and federal government and the series concluded in April with a focus on alumni with careers in industry. If you are interested in participating in future events of this nature, to learn more about DNSAA events or get involved, contact dnsaa@utoronto.ca

Get Involved

If you have ideas for events, future podcast topics, or want to get involved, please contact the University of Toronto's Alumni Services.

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