Welcome from the NSERC-PFSNRA

Canadians are facing an increasing number of health challenges, including diet-related chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. These diseases, contributed to by poor nutrition and food intake, are a huge cost to Canada in both lost lives and reduced quality of life, and health care dollars. We believe that the focus needs to shift from treatment of chronic disease in hospitals, to prevention of disease at the dinner table.



Canada has established itself as a leader in agriculture, food science, nutrition and health research, and has a strong and capable governing body to implement policies. However, there is a need to bring together all parts of the food system in order to further knowledge, innovation, regulation, and communication of foods and their implication in our health. Agriculture, medicine and public health must work together to evoke change. The COVID-19 global pandemic has introduced a strain to the food system and we now more than ever rely on coordination across different sectors in order to continue to provide Canadians with a healthy, safe and sustainable food supply.

The NSERC Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs (PFSNRA) is a conduit bringing together all parts of the food system in order to achieve a healthier Canadian population. For nearly 30 years the NSERC-PFSNRA, governed under and housed at the University of Toronto, has brought together scientific expertise from universities, industry, government, health sector and NGOs to address complex food related issues facing our country. Beyond Canada, the NSERC-PFSNRA also has international linkages to make use of global scientific advances in food and health sectors. Together, we have made inroads in understanding and evoking change in the food environment in Canada.

Thank you to our partners and donors who have contributed to the success of the NSERC-PFSNRA and made us a leader in advancing partnerships to provide scientific understanding required to develop strategies and food based solutions to improve the nutritional health of Canadians.

We invite you to explore the NSERC-PFSNRA website to learn more about our work. Members of the agri-food sector are welcome to explore opportunities for donating and working with us.


Dr. G. Harvey Anderson                                                                                            

Director, NSERC Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs            
Professor, Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Physiology