Daniel Sellen

Daniel Sellen MA, PhD
Director, Joannah & Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition
Departments of Anthropology and Nutritional Sciences
Daniel Sellen
Contact Info
T: (416) 978-8195
F: (416) 978-5882
Medical Sciences Building, 5th Floor, Room 5269
1 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8
Appointment Status Primary
Pending the availability of funding
Research Interests
Human ecology, evolutionary biology and global health consequences of infant and young child feeding and caregiving practices; designing, monitoring, and evaluating interventions to improve maternal, neonatal, and child nutrition in disadvantaged population

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Sellen, D. W. Evolution of human lactation and complementary feeding: Implications for understanding contemporary cross-cultural variation. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology,  639: 253-282, 2009.

Sellen, D. W. Infant and young child feeding practices: evolution, recent cross cultural variation and contemporary public health challenges. Annual Review of Nutrition, 27: 123-147, 2007.

Hadley, C., Zodhiates, A. and Sellen, D. W. Acculturation, Economics, and Food Security among Refugees Resettled in the USA: A Case Study of West African Refugees. Public Health Nutrition, 10 (4): 405-412, 2007.

Sellen, D. W. Lactation, complementary feeding and human life history. In: The Evolution of Human Life History. R.L. Paine and K. Hawkes, eds., School of American Research Press, Santa Fe, NM, pp. 155-197, 2006.

Stein, A.D., Barnett P.G. and D.W. Sellen. Maternal undernutrition and the sex ratio at birth in Ethiopia: evidence from a national sample. Biology Letters, 271 (S3): S37- S39, 2004.

Hruschka, D. J., D. W. Sellen, A. D. Stein, and R. Martorell. Delayed onset of lactation and risk of ending full breast feeding early in rural Guatemala. Journal of Nutrition, 133: 2592-2599, 2003.

Sellen, D. W. Nutritional consequences of wealth differentials in east African pastoralists: the case of the Datoga of northern Tanzania. Human Ecology, 31 (4): 529-570, 2003.

Sellen, D.W., A. Tedstone, and J. Frize. Food insecurity among refugee families in east London: results of a pilot assessment. Public Health Nutrition, 5 (5): 637-644, 2002.

Sellen, D. W. Comparison of infant feeding patterns reported for non-industrial populations with current recommendations. Journal of Nutrition 131 (10): 2707-2715, 2001.

Sellen, D. W. Seasonal ecology and nutritional status of women and children in a Tanzanian pastoral community. American Journal of Human Biology, 12 (6): 758-781, 2000.

Sellen, D. W. Growth patterns among semi-nomadic pastoralists (Datoga) of Tanzania. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 109 (2): 187-209, 1999.

Sellen, D. W. Infant and young child feeding practices among African pastoralists: the Datoga of Tanzania. Journal of Biosocial Science, 30 (4): 481-499, 1998.