Harvey Anderson

Harvey Anderson PhD
Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Physiology
Contact Info
T: (416) 978-1832
F: (416) 978-5882
Medical Sciences Building, 5th Floor, Room 5356
1 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8
Appointment Status Primary
Accepting new students
Research Interests
Food intake regulation; carbohydrates, sweeteners, appetite and health; proteins, amino acids and food intake; dietary control of peptide hormone and neurotransmitter metabolism. Food composition, dietary status, and chronic disease.



NFS 1212H
Regulation of Food Composition, Health Claims and Safety

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Wiggins AKA, Anderson GH, House JD. (2019). Research and Regulatory Gaps for the Substantiation of protein content claims on foods. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism. 44 (1):95-98.

Yang NV, Pannia E, Chatterjee D, Kubant R, Ho M, Hammoud R, Pausova Z, Anderson GH. (2018). Gestational folic acid content alters the development and function of hypothalamic food intake regulating neurons in Wistar rat offspring post-weaning. Nutr Neurosci.30: 1-12.

Anderson GH, Fabek H, Akilen R, Chatterjee D, Kubant R. (2018). Acute effects of monosodium glutamate addition to whey protein on appetite, food intake, blood glucose, insulin and gut hormones in healthy young men. Appetite. 120: 92-99.

Kung B, Anderson GH, Pare, S, Tucker AJ, Vien S, Wright AJ,Goff HD. (2018). Effect of milk protein intake and casein-to-whey ratio in breakfast meals on postprandial glucose, satiety ratings, and subsequent meal intake. Journal of Dairy Science. 101: 1-14.

Hunschede S, Schwartz A, Kubant R, Thomas SG, Anderson GH. (2018). The role of IL-6 in exerciseinduced anorexia in normal-weight boys.Appl Physiol Nutr Metab.28: 1-9.

Law M, Lee YT, Vien S,  Luhovyy BL, Anderson HG. (2017). The effect of dairy products consumed with highglycemic carbohydrate on satiety, food intake and post-prandial glycemia in older adults. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab.42(11): 1210-1216.

Vien S, Luhovyy BL, Patel BP, Panahi S, El Khoury D, Mollard RC, Hamilton JK, Anderson GH. Pre-and within-meal effects of fluid dairy products on appetite, food intake, glycemia, and regulatory hormones in children. 2017. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 42(3): 302-310.

Pannia E, Cho CE, Kubant R, Sanchez-Hernandez D, Huot PS, Anderson GH. Role of maternal vitamins in programming health and chronic disease. 2016. Nutr Rev. 74(3): 166-180.

Sanchez-Hernandez D, Anderson GH, Poon AN, Pannia E, Cho CE, Huot PS, Kubant R. Maternal fat-soluble vitamins, brain development, and regulation of feeding behavior: an overview of research. 2016. Nutr Res. 36(10): 1045-1054.

Patel BP, Hamilton JK, Vien S, Thomas SG, Anderson GH. Pubertal status, pre-meal drink consumption, and later meal timing interact in determining children’s appetite and food intake. 2016. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 41(9): 924-930.

Huot PS, Ly A, Szeto IM, Reza-Lopez SA, Cho D, Kim YI, Anderson GH. Maternal and postweaning folic acid supplementation interact to influence body weight, insulin resistance, and food intake regulatory gene expression in rat offspring in a sex-specific manner. 2016. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 41(4): 411-420.

Akilen R, Deljoomanesh N, Hunschede S, Smith CE, Arshad MU, Kubant R, Anderson GH. The effects of potatoes and other carbohydrate side dishes consumed with meat on food intake, glycemia and satiety response in children. 2016. Nutr Diabetes. 15;6:e195.

Anderson GH, Hunschede S, Akilen R, Kubant R. Physiology of Food Intake Control in Children. 2016. Adv Nutr. 15;7(1): 232S-240S.

Sanchez-Hernandez D, Poon AN, Kubant R, Kim H, Huot PS, Cho CE, Pannia E, Reza-Lopez SA, Pausova Z, Bazinet RP, Anderson GH. High Vitamin A intake during pregnancy modifies dopaminergic reward system and decreases preference for sucrose in Winstar rat offspring. 2016. J Nutr Biochem. 27: 104-111. 

Honours and Awards

Canadian Nutrition Society Khursheed Jeejeebhoy Award for Best Application of Clinical Nutrition Research Findings to Clinical Practice (2016)

Recognized in Partnership for Excellence: Medicine at the University of Toronto and Academic Hospitals (2013)

American Society of Nutrition Dannon Mentorship Award for “Outstanding mentorship in the training of successful nutritional research science investigators" (2011)

Danone Nutrition Leadership Award, Canadian Danone Nutrition Institute and Canadian Nutrition Society (2011)

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Graduate Teaching Award for Sustained Contribution to Excellence in Graduate Teaching (2010)

Winter Olympics Torch Carrier (2010)

Alumni Scholars’ Lecturer, University of Alberta  (2009)

Elected Fellow, American Society of Nutrition (2007)

University of Alberta Alumni Honour Award "Recognizing the significant achievements by University of Alberta Alumni in their local communities and beyond" (2002)

E.W. Crampton Award for Distinguished Leadership in Nutrition, McGill University (2000)

Faculty Award, University of Toronto Alumni Association.  "For Outstanding Academic Excellence, Service to the University and Contribution to the Community" (1994)

McHenry Award for leadership in Nutritional Sciences, Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences (1989)