Michael Archer

Michael Archer PhD
Professor Emeritus
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Medical Sciences Building, 5th Floor, Room 5253A
1 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8
Not accepting new students
1989 DSc, University of Warwick
1970 PhD, University of Toronto, in Biochemistry
1967 MSc, University of Warwick, in Molecular Enzymology
1965 MA, University of Cambridge, in Chemistry
Professional Memberships
American Association for Cancer Research
American Society for Nutrition
Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences
Society of Toxicology
Society of Toxicology of Canada
Research Interests
Role of dietary factors and susceptibility genes in cancer development.


Graduate Students

Kathryn Hopperton

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Archer, M.C. Role of Sp transcription factors in the regulation of cancer cell metabolism. Genes and Cancer, 2, 712-719, 2011.

Li, Y-J., Liu, G., Li, Y., Vecchiarelli-Federico, L.M., Liu, J.C., Zacksenhaus, E., Shan, S.W., Yang, B.B., Li, Q., Dash, R., Fisher, P.B., Ben-David, Y. and Archer, M.C. mda-7/IL-24 expression inhibits breast cancer through up-regulation of growth arrest-specific gene 3 (gas3) and disruption of  β1 integrin function. Mol. Cancer Res., 11, 593-603, 2013.

Hopperton, K.E., Duncan, R.E., Bazinet, R.P., and Archer, M.C. Fatty acid synthase plays a role in cancer metabolism beyond providing fatty acids for phospholipid synthesis or sustaining elevations in glycolytic activity. Exp. Cell Res., 320, 302-310, 2014.

Menezes, M., Shen, X-N., Das, S., Emdad, L., Guo, C., Yuan, F., Li, Y-J., Archer, M.C., Zacksenhaus, E., Windle, J., Subler, M., Ben-David, Y., Sarkar, D., Wang, X-Y. and  Fisher, P.B. MDA-7/IL-24 functions as a tumor suppressor gene in vivo in transgenic models of breast cancer. Oncotarget, 6, 36928-42, 2015.

Li, Y-J., Liu, G., Xia, L., Xiao, X., Liu, J.C., Menezes, M.E., Das, S.K., Emdad, L., Sarkar, D., Fisher, P.B., Archer, M.C., Zacksenhaus, E. and Ben-David, Y. Suppression of Her2/Neu mammary tumor development in mda-7/IL-24 transgenic mice. Oncotarget, 6, 36943-54, 2015.

Yang, K., Fard, S., Furrer, R., Archer, M.C., Bruce, W.R., Lip, H.Y., Mehta, R., O’Brien, P.J., Giacca, A., and Ward, W.E. Risk factors for colorectal cancer in man induce aberrant crypt foci in rats: preliminary findings. Nutrition and Cancer, 68, 94-104, 2016.

Honours and Awards

1994-04         Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Research Chair in Nutritional Toxicology

1974               Future Leader Award, International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)

1977-82         National Institutes of Health Research Career Development Award

1977               Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London)