Mar 21, 2023

Dr. Deborah O'Connor Elected Fellow of the Canadian Nutrition Society

Dr. O'Connor_2021
Dr. Debbie O'Connor

The Department of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) is pleased to congratulate Dr. Deborah O'Connor, Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair, on being elected a 2023 Fellow of the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS). The CSN-SCN Fellow is a professional distinction that recognizes exceptional service to the CNS and the broader nutrition profession, within Canada and globally. The CNS-SCN Fellow designation is an honour bestowed upon a CNS member by their peers in recognition for outstanding contributions to nutrition science and/or practice. Please join us in congratulating Dr. O'Connor on this tremendous achievement!

The Department also extends its congratulations to all 2023 CNS Career and Achievement Award recipients, several of whom are alumni and/or current/former collaborators of the DNS:

  • CNS Fellow: Dr. Johane Allard
    • Professor at the University of Toronto cross-appointed to the DNS
  • CNS Young Investigator Award for Outstanding Research: Dr. Russell de Souza
    • Associate Professor at McMaster University; former MSc student and postdoctoral fellow in the DNS
  • INMD/CNS New Investigator Award: Dr. Daiva Nielsen
    • Assistant Professor at McGill University; former PhD student and postdoctoral fellow in the DNS
  • CNS Postdoctoral Award: Dr. Emanuela Pannia
    • Postdoctoral Fellow at The Hospital for Sick Children; former PhD student in the DNS

Finally, the Department congratulates our graduate student award winners:

Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award / Christine Gagnon Memorial Travel Award Finalists (Winners TBD):

  • Jennifer Lee, PhD student, L'Abbe Lab
  • Matineh Rastegar Panah, PhD student, El-Sohemy Lab

CNS Poster Award Finalist (Winners TBD):

  • Eva Kranenburg, MSc student, Anderson Lab