Summer Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunity Program

Please note that applications for Summer 2020 will begin in early February 2020. Applications for 2019 are CLOSED. Any questions? Contact

The Department of Nutritional Sciences provides an excellent opportunity for undegraduate students to become involved in research within various aspects of nutrition. 

  1. Diet and cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and aging
  2. Nutrition, cognitive function, and brain development
  3. Food intakke regulation and feeding behaviour
  4. Pediatric nutrition from neonate to teenager
  5. Biochemical and physiological function of food components - fiber, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants
  6. Nutrition and poverty
  7. Clinical nutrition

Faculty of Medicine 2019 UROP Guidelines: here (96.22 KB)

Eligibility Guidelines

Stipends: From $ 5000 to $6000 for 12 to 16 weeks of research.

  1. Students must have successfully completed a term in a full-time undergraduate program directly prior to the award period
  2. Students who have completed their undergraduate program are not eligible, unless they have been accepted into an undergraduate professional program (medical undergraduate degree program) but have not yet begun
  3. Students may submit only one application to this program. Departure from this rule will result in the application being accorded a lower priority or even denied
  4. Students must have an average of B+ (3.3 GPA) or higher in the two most recent terms to be eligible
  5. Students cannot accept multiple summer research awards at the same time
  6. Students must be supervised by a Nutritional Sciences faculty member and are encouraged to contact prospective supervisors and formally introduce their research using the following list of faculty members (list will be updated frequently):
  7. Supervisors can be named as primary supervisor for only one application through one unit to this Program. Departure from this rule could result in the application being accorded a lower priority or even denied.

Application Procedure

You are required to submit all of the following documents to Department of Nutritional Sciences Admin ( or you may submit physical copies to MSB 5255 (1 King's College Circle). Students are encouraged to contact prospective supervisors and formally introduce themselves. 

  1. UROP 2019 Application Form
  2. Electronic copy of your unofficial transcripts (PDF and screenshots are acceptable)
  3. Letter of Intent/Cover Letter
  4. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  5. A reference letter on your behalf from a professor or previous employer

When selecting prospective supervisors, you must rank them from 1 to 4 in order of preference - 1 being your most preferred. Please find below a list of previous supervisors (an updated list will be provided).

  1. Harvey Anderson
  2. Richard Bazinet
  3. Mary L'Abbe
  4. Deborah O'Connor
  5. Daniel Sellen
  6. Kathy Musa-Veloso
  7. Joanne Kotsopoulos
  8. Jonathon Maguire
  9. Daniel Roth
  10. Valerie Tarasuk

Summer Research Awards

  1. GM - Health Research in other areas: 1
  2. KD - Kidney and kidney related diseases: 3
  3. CA - Cander and cancer related diseases: 3

Please note: If you have submitted an electronic copy of the DNS 2019 Summer Research Program Application Form to Nutritional Science Admin will automatically be considered for the Summer Research awards and do not need to submit a second application at this time.

Once applications have been reviewed, and supervisors assigned, selected applicants will be asked to  complete the NSERC 202 form found on the NSERC online system.